Q1. Can I choose the pattern of the stone?
Every slate is unique. To create beautiful products, we manufacture a much larger quantity than the reservations we accepted, then select the most beautiful watches. Even then, the natural parts are not uniform. The beauty of natural stone grants every watch its distinctiveness, so we seek your understanding that there may be slight differences in pattern and color.

Q2. Will the wood last long?
We use very strong materials, such as those used for high-end furniture. The surface is waterproofed after drying fully to withstand perspiration. The watch we made 4 years ago is still in beautiful condition.

Q3. I would like to change the combination of wood and stone.
Unfortunately, due to the large number of reservations we receive, it has become difficult for us to make every watch in its original combination. We seek your understanding that we will continue to offer new products of various combinations.

Q4.How do I pay?
We accept credit card payment. If you place an order with credit card payment, the payment is completed when you complete your order. (The date of debit depends on your credit card.) Credit Card

Q5. I want to buy it as a gift! If I make a reservation in August, when will I receive it?

This is a handcrafted product that takes about six-seven months to manufacture, so it is scheduled to be shipped in February 2022. This is a made-to-order handcrafted watch. We will share the process through our newsletter. We open our reservations only once every half a year, and all other customers who have already received their watches are also on a made-to-order basis. Please look forward to receiving your unique, one-of-a-kind watch!

Q6.Which area available for shipping?
Shipping area:United states,Canada,

Q7 If the products broken when I receive, how can I do?
If there are any initial defects upon delivery, please contact our support email on the manual book. We will check the photos and if the fault is confirmed , we will send you a new product asap . If the problem happen within 7 days after your receive , you do not need shipping fee.

Q8 Please tell me about the warranty
You will also receive a repair service within the warranty period.  During warranty period ,only you need one way shipping fee to Japan. We will owe return shipping fee. The warranty for this product is only in the event of a natural failure. There is no warranty in the event of falling or sinking, bumping caused by your mistake. At the time we can provide repair with the fee include shipping. Please feel free to contact any time.